Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Orleans 1885: Exhibits from European Nations.....

Several European nations were represented at the New Orleans exposition. Exhibits from Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Russia were located in the central portion of the Main Building, on either side of Music Hall. Among these countries, Great Britain, France, Belgium, and Russia had government-endorsed displays; while Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Spain were represented by commercially-sponsored exhibits. Great Britain and France displayed their various manufactures, consisting mainly of bronzes, china, pottery, textiles, furniture, and other household goods. Belgium's exhibit was comprehensive, representing both the manufactures and industries of the kingdom, including over 500 types of textiles. Germany and Austria-Hungary showed decorative items, furniture, and glassware, in addition to textiles, consisting of silks, velvets, and grenadines. Italy's exhibit, from private firms, consisted of a large display of Venetian glassware, bronzeware, and marble statuary. Spain had a very small exhibit, also from private firms, of Spanish handiwork. Russia was represented by a large display of furs, malachite, soaps, perfumes, porcelains, woven tapestries, embroidery & lacework, and representations of the timber, flax, and tallow industries. Overall, the European nations, with the exception of Belgium, were highly criticized for their lack of comprehensive displays.

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