Sunday, November 2, 2008

An introduction.....

To all of you out there, I'm Ken.....residing in San Diego, CA.
This Blog will contain many things of interest to me, mainly pertaining to World's Fairs & Expositions, as well as other various topics.
I have been collecting World's Fair memorabilia since 1978, and in a 30-year period have amassed a large collection consisting of books, brochures, souvenirs, stereoviews, and photographs.
Besides my main hobby, I also have a strong interest in general history.....which can include almost anything that sparks my curiosity.
I would have to say that I'm a fairly complex person.....and being a Gemini, my interests can change on a weekly or monthly basis. I tend to "obsess" on subjects for awhile, until a new interest comes along, but I never totally lose interest in any subject that has aroused my curiosity.
Please bear with me as I continue to build, and add to, this Blog over the coming weeks, months and years.
Thanks for your interest!

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