Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Beach 1928: Latin-American Building.....

Located at the east end of the Pacific Southwest Exposition's Avenue of Nations, the Spanish-style Latin-American Building was initially constructed to house the exhibits of Spain, and named the Iberian Palace. When the Spanish exhibit did not materialize, the spacious Iberian Palace was re-named the Latin-American Building, and filled with displays from Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru, Fiji Islands, Hawaii, and the Philippine Islands. The Chilean exhibit consisted of choice examples of minerals and many agricultural products; while Costa Rica, Cuba, and Peru were represented by numerous displays of their traditional arts and crafts. The Fiji Islands contributed cultural exhibits, showing the advancements made by a people commonly referred to as cannibals and head-hunters. Hawaii's exhibit consisted of agricultural products, curios, and advertising matter; and the Philippine Islands exhibit contained comprehensive displays of the republic's various modern industries.

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