Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Orleans 1885: Magazine & Newspaper Illustrations of the Exposition.....

Numerous articles about the New Orleans exposition could be found within the pages of the period’s many illustrated publications, including The Century Magazine, Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, The Youth’s Companion, and St. Nicholas. These articles not only promoted the exposition, but also served as a travelogue and substitute for those who could not attend. A variety of educational articles were published, containing descriptions of the grounds, buildings, and exhibits; with some including entertaining stories about the behavior and mannerisms of exposition visitors. During the 1880’s most magazines and newspapers still used line-drawings to illustrate their publications, since half-tone illustrations, reproduced directly from photographic images, had not yet been perfected. Some of these detailed drawings were based on actual photographs, while others were artist interpretations; but the majority were a combination of both. Below are several of the many line-drawings produced to illustrate the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, taken from period magazines and newspapers:

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