Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long Beach 1928: Palace of Transportation.....

The Pacific Southwest Exposition's Palace of Transportation was located at the north-west corner of the main court, adjacent to the Palace of Industry. Within the building were displays of many forms of transportation, both ancient and modern. A navigation exhibit explained the advancements made in marine transportation, using numerous models of ships; and several steamship companies promoted comfortable ocean travel in their latest luxury-liners. The railroad companies of the Pacific coast presented a comprehensive exhibit of modern travel by rail, with Southern Pacific; Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe; and Union Pacific being represented. One of the most visited sections of the building was the area devoted to aerial navigation, where the history of air travel was shown; in addition to exhibits by several aviation companies, including Maddox Air Lines; and Lockheed Aircraft Company. An interesting display of both curious and practical scale-model airplanes and motorless-gliders was presented by students of the Long Beach school system, and sponsored by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Other exhibits within the building included Western Union Telegraph Company; Western Auto Supply Company; Pickwick Stage System; City Transfer and Storage Company; and the Los Angeles Harbor Board. Additionally, world-famous aviator Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh's unannounced visit to the aviation section, on an August evening, was one of the memorable occurrences in the Palace of Transportation.

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