Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Orleans 1885: Dakota Territory Exhibit.....

Dakota Territory's exhibit covered 10,175 square-feet of floor space, and was located in the north-eastern portion of the Government & States Building. The centerpiece of Dakota's display was an octagonal tower, decorated with cereals in various designs, and surmounted by a fourteen-foot high ear of corn topped by an American eagle. Located near the tower were pyramids of wheat and flour, as well as displays of numerous fruits and vegetables. A display of Dakota's abundant wildlife was shown in a circular park, containing examples of buffalo, deer, elk, antelope, prairie dogs, beaver, skunks, bear, wolves, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, prairie chickens, and numerous birds. A large exhibit of Indian curiosities filled a display-panel; while nearby was located an authentic animal-skin tepee, occupied by a live Sioux war-chief and his family. Dakota's gold, copper, and mica, from the Black Hills region, were also displayed; along with choice examples of the Territory's lead, iron, salt, lime, marble, sandstone, and uranium.

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