Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Orleans 1885: New Jersey State Exhibit.....

New Jersey's prominent state exhibit was located in the south-eastern portion of the New Orleans exposition's Government & States Building, and occupied 7,400 square-feet of floor space. Located at the center of the display was an octagon-shaped pavilion, fourteen feet in diameter, sheltering a wax mannequin of a New Jersey National Guardsman with the coveted silver Yorktown Vase at his side. Numerous groups of military and historical relics, including muskets captured at the Battle of Trenton, surrounded the pavilion. The state's natural resources were represented by large varieties of minerals & ores, massive pieces of iron & zinc, and one-hundred specimens of native woods. In addition, 150 varieties of fruits and vegetables were shown in attractive displays, with a related exhibit of two-hundred types of artificial fertilizers. A large pyramid was created from New Jersey wines, and over one-hundred displays represented the state's numerous manufactures and industries; notably the potters of Trenton, and the glass-blowers of South Jersey.

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