Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Orleans 1885: Maryland State Exhibit.....

The 5,200 square-foot Maryland State exhibit was located in the southern portion of the Government & States Building. The exhibit area was decorated in black and yellow, the colors of the state's coat of arms; and two armor-clad knights, each bearing the standard of Lord Baltimore, guarded the entrance to the exhibit. A model of the Battle Monument of Baltimore stood prominently at the center of the state's regal display, surrounded by a circle of glass cases containing 1,200 specimens of birds found within the state. An extensive exhibit of minerals, fossils, zoology, and forestry were shown, as well as a food exhibit, featuring fish and shell-fish. The Maryland exhibit also featured a large display of colonial memorabilia, consisting of furniture, musical instruments, portraits, Continental-currency, and numerous historical documents. Additionally, the Baltimore & Ohio Railway displayed a scale-model of the first American locomotive, the "Cooper", built in 1830 by Peter Cooper.

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