Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Orleans 1885: New Mexico Territory Exhibit.....

The exhibit of New Mexico Territory was located in the north portion of the Government & States Building. Covering 6,900 square-feet of floor-space, New Mexico displayed the numerous ores and petrified woods to be found within the territory, in addition to various agricultural products. Medicinal plants, soap plants, wild hops, Mexican beans, sweet potatoes, Sonora wheat, Indian corn, numerous varieties of fruits & nuts, and sixty-two types of grasses were shown; as well as displays of Angora wool. Many native-produced items were also shown, including Indian blankets, jewelry, and a primitive wine-press. Additionally, items recovered from the ruins of old Spanish mission-churches, and a related exhibit of ancient artifacts, excavated from the Cave of the Aztecs, three-hundred feet below the surface, attracted much attention.

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