Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Orleans 1885: Nebraska State Exhibit.....

The 10,175 square-foot Nebraska state exhibit was located in the north-eastern portion of the Government & States Building, and was considered to be one of the most attractive displays at the New Orleans exposition. The eighteen year-old state exhibited an extensive variety of grains and grasses, through the use of decorated panels and sign-boards. One panel spelled out the name of the state in grasses; while another boasted Nebraska's prominence in the cultivation of corn, proudly proclaiming "Corn is King". Various grains were also used to create a model of the world; and a map of the United States indicated a logical location for the future national capitol: Lincoln, Nebraska. The dominating feature of the Nebraska exhibit was a representation of New York's soon to be erected statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World", created from corn & grains, and surrounded by an abundant display of fruits, vegetables, and sacks of grain. 138 varieties of woods were also shown, proving that a region designated as "treeless" could create and support a successful timber industry. Other displays consisted of representations of the state's stone, brick, iron, and wire-making industries.

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