Wednesday, February 11, 2009

San Diego 1915: Foreign and Domestic Arts Building.....

The Foreign and Domestic Arts Building was located on the south side of El Prado, across from the Home Economy Building, and faced the Panama-California Exposition's Plaza de Panama. The T-shaped building was ornamented in the Plateresque style, and was loosely based on the design of the Hospice de Santa Cruz located in Toledo, Spain. Two similar entrance pavilions were located on the building's north and west sides; and a delicately ornamented square tower was located at the north-west corner, balancing the tower on the Home Economy Building. Each of the entrance pavilions consisted of a heavily ornamented archway, with a balcony located above. At each side of the balcony was situated an abundantly ornamented arched window, covered by a wood grille, and topped with a pediment at the building's cornice level. Centered over the entrance, and extending above the cornice, was a large stylized coat-of-arms representing the Pan-American Union. The corner tower featured an open pavilion, with each of its four walls containing a central arch flanked by rectangular openings. The upper portions of the tower's walls, surrounding the openings, were covered in delicate flower-shaped ornamentation, and surmounted by a finial-topped parapet. In contrast, the building's south wing and east facade were designed in a simple Moorish style, consisting of plain walls and unadorned windows. At the north-east corner of the building was located a second square tower, balancing a tower on the adjacent Commerce and Industries Building. Exhibits from Japan occupied the majority of the building's interior, in addition to exhibits from several European countries.

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