Sunday, February 15, 2009

San Diego 1915: Varied Industries Building.....

Located on the north side of El Prado, the Varied Industries Building stood directly opposite the Panama-California Exposition's Commerce and Industries Building, to which it contrasted in both style and ornament. The El Prado facade of the building was designed in the Churrigueresque style, and contained two heavily ornamented entrances, connected by a two-storied tile-roofed arcade. The arcade was based on those found within the patios of Queretaro, Mexico, and featured a second-floor loggia of six arches, with balustrades, fluted columns, and an ornamented frieze. Each of the building's two entrances contained three broad archways, separated by ornamented columns. At the second-floor level of the entrances were two ornately framed balconies and a large rose-window, surrounded by an abundance of heavy Churrigueresque ornamentation. At the east end of the structure was an ornamented facade, featuring allegorical figures of a religious nature. The facade was flanked by wrought-iron railed balconies, and enhanced by a Spanish-Renaissance belfry, placed above the facade's northern end. At night numerous light-standards illuminated the building, and created deep shadows upon the walls from the heavy ornamentation. The interior of the structure contained a variety of industrial products, displayed by domestic exhibitors. Extending north from the Varied Industries Building was the inter-connected Food Products Building, which featured several of the same design elements.

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