Tuesday, February 24, 2009

San Diego 1915: New Mexico State Building.....

The New Mexico State Building was located on the west side of the Panama-California Exposition's Via de los Estados, and overlooked Cabrillo Canyon, the city, and the bay. The unique pueblo-style structure was based on the design of the San Esteban del Rey Church, located within the Acoma Pueblo in the State of New Mexico. The large adobe-colored flat-roofed building featured an imposing bell-tower flanked wing on the south side, and a two-story open-balconied wing on the north. The two wings were inter-connected by a single-storied central hall, entered through a deep portal, behind which was situated a spacious open-air patio. The walls of the building sloped outward at their bases, and were relieved by rectangular deep-set window openings. Wood vigas extended through the walls at the roof level, and canales were placed at various points along the parapets. Between the two towers of the south wing was situated a narrow second-floor balcony, constructed of rough-hewn wood and topped by two finials in the style of Native-American crosses. The building's interior contained a large exhibit hall for New Mexico's state exhibits, in addition to several reception and meeting rooms.

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