Friday, February 27, 2009

San Diego 1915: Japanese Tea Pavilion and Gardens.....

The Japanese Tea Pavilion and Gardens were situated north of the Panama-California Exposition's Botanical Building, and covered an area of approximately one acre. The main entrance to the pavilion and gardens was reached by a pathway leading north from the Botanical Gardens, which crossed a wide arched bridge leading directly to the tea pavilion. The gardens contained a meandering waterway and pond, spanned by a steeply-arched red-lacquered "Bridge of Long Life"; and were also scattered with rocks, stepping stones, stone lanterns, and many varieties of meticulously-pruned trees and plants. The tea pavilion was based on the design of Buddhist temples of the fourteenth century, and was an ornate rectangular-shaped structure surmounted by a shingled roof containing gables at each end. The decorated gables featured carvings of Hoho birds and Sachi fish, which were symbols of long life and happiness. A broad raised veranda surrounded the structure, and the interior consisted of a large tea-room with a coffered ceiling, decorated with numerous patterned rice-paper panels.

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