Thursday, February 5, 2009

San Diego 1915: Montezuma Gardens.....

Immediately east of the Panama-California Exposition's Fine Arts Building was located the Montezuma Gardens. Designed in a formal classic-style, the spacious rectangular garden was laid-out with hedge-framed planter beds, filled with flowers of red and yellow, and surrounded by a thick bower of eucalyptus trees. Italian style cast-stone benches were placed around the perimeter of the garden, interspersed with low vine-filled urns, and ornate bronze-green colored lighting standards. At the garden's west end stood a raised Roman-style pergola, featuring Doric columns and a terra-cotta tile floor, from which the entire garden space could be viewed. South of the Montezuma Gardens, accessed through two pedestal-framed gateways, was situated a long vine-covered pergola and spacious lawn area, bordering a palm-filled canyon. An additional gateway, located at the garden's south-west corner, opened to a pathway leading to a curved rustic wood pergola, which offered excellent views of Cabrillo Canyon, the city, and San Diego bay.

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