Saturday, April 4, 2009

San Diego 1935: Firestone Fountains.....

The Firestone Fountains, sponsored by the Firestone Tire Company, were the centerpiece of the California-Pacific International Exposition's Plaza de America; and were situated north of the Ford Motor Company Building, between the Palace of Electricity and Varied Industries and the California State Building. The group of six mechanically-controlled fountains, located within a low rectangular basin measuring 120-feet long and 20-feet wide, were bordered by colorful beds of flowers spelling the name "Firestone", and broad lawns surrounded by benches for seating. Two small Mayan-style pavilions, located at the southern edge of a flower-garden immediately north of the fountains, contained electric speakers which provided the melodic sounds which controlled the rise and fall of the misty fountain-sprays. Both recorded and live music, from the nearby Ford Bowl, were used to present shows featuring synchronized water and melody; further enhanced during the evening hours by the addition of rainbows of colored light, causing the various hues of the fountains to merge and change, from bright plumes of red and orange to cooler sprays of blue and green, in harmony with the tone and pitch of the music. The Firestone Tire Company was also represented by a comprehensive exhibit located within the Ford Motor Company Building.

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