Sunday, April 12, 2009

San Diego 1935: Globe Theatre.....

The Globe Theatre was located in the area north of the California-Pacific International Exposition's Palace of Science, and modeled after the historic half-timber and thatched-roof London theatre, originally constructed in 1599. The two-level circular structure was open to the sky at the center, similar to the original, and contained a performance stage surrounded by wooden benches seating 600 persons. 45-minute abridged versions of famous Shakespearean plays were presented six times daily to attentive audiences; while hourly performances of English country dances took place on the "village green" situated immediately in front of the building. Adjacent to the theatre were the Falstaff Tavern, serving authentic English food and drink; and the Old Curiosity Shop, where imported English pottery, silver, and many varieties of curios could be purchased.

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