Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Diego 1935: Gold Gulch.....

The California-Pacific International Exposition's Gold Gulch was a simulated Western mining town covering twenty-one acres in the canyon south-west of Zoro Gardens. Within the town were to be seen all the thrills and excitement of a typical settlement in "the rip-roarin' days of '49". Visitors could ride stage-coaches which rumbled down narrow dirt roads past the Shooting Gallery, Blacksmith Shop, Horse-Shoe Ring, Old Stamp Mill, Pioneer Dance Hall, Bull-Fighting Ring, Cigar Shop, Tin-Type Gallery, Chuck-Wagon Restaurant, and a variety of merchandise and food stands. Among the many live attractions found in Gold Gulch were burro rides, "shoot-outs" performed by pioneer-garbed miners, simulated arrests and hangings, tobacco-spitting contests, and risqué entertainment performed by Gold Gulch Gertie.

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