Friday, April 10, 2009

San Diego 1935: Zoro Gardens.....

Zoro Gardens was located in the canyon at the south end of the California-Pacific International Exposition's Avenida de Espana, immediately east of the Palace of Better Housing. Known popularly as the "nudist colony", the picturesque gardens were occupied by long-haired topless women and bearded loin-clothed men dedicated to the freedom of outdoor living. The occupants referred to themselves as "Zoros" and performed all the various tasks of daily life, in addition to pseudo-religious rituals worshipping their Sun God, Zoro. The gardens contained landscaped terraces, cobblestoned walls, a waterfall and pool, and an open-air kitchen where vegetarian meals were prepared. Daily programs, consisting of dances and athletic demonstrations, were performed on a large circular stage for the scores of exposition visitors who flocked to the gardens.

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