Thursday, March 12, 2009

San Diego 1935: Palace of Photography.....

The Palace of Photography was located on the north side of the California-Pacific International Exposition's Avenida de Palacios, between the Palace of Science and the Plaza del Pacifico; and was originally named the Science and Education Building during the 1915-16 exposition. Over 500 exceptional photographic prints, selected from thousands submitted to the Fifth Annual Salon of Photography, were shown; in addition to displays from various manufacturers of photographic supplies and equipment. The Eastman Kodak Company exhibit illustrated the history of photography, and also featured a small motion-picture theatre where news events of the exposition were presented. Eastman Kodak also introduced its new "fool-proof" Kodachrome color film, for use in small movie cameras, which could be purchased in the complete photographic supply store located within the building.

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