Friday, March 27, 2009

San Diego 1935: Standard Oil Tower to the Sun.....

The Standard Oil Tower to the Sun was located at the north end of the Plaza de America, across from the California-Pacific International Exposition's Federal Building. The Mayan-style structure consisted of a rectangular exhibit building, edged with vine-filled planter boxes situated along the parapet, and a three-sided 108-foot high tower, covered with geometrically-patterned ornamentation copied from ancient Yucatan monuments. The building's main entrance was located at the base of the tower, facing north toward El Prado, and was flanked by walls covered with Mayan-style ornamentation. Colorful murals were located above both the curved main entrance and a secondary entrance facing south toward the Plaza de America, and illustrated the beauties of nature found throughout the western National Parks. Colored flood-lighting illuminated the building during the evening hours, creating patterned shadows upon the fibre-wallboard ornamentation. The building's interior contained murals and dioramas depicting National Park scenes; and a small theatre showed a series of motion-pictures describing the natural wonders of the various National Parks.

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